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Working with Live West Realty has been fantastic! Our whole team has handled everything in a responsive and timely manner. Our realtor Rich Dana has made the process easy and enjoyable. All our questions and needs have been anticipated and professionally dealt with. We couldn’t ask for a better experience!

They say life is about the journey, not the destination. At Live West it’s about both. We looked at every step of the real estate process and asked, “How can we make this as much about the people as it is about the property?” The answer is an experience that is more — More fulfilling. More service oriented. More relational. More profitable. And far more personal.

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There is a myth that real estate is about buying and selling homes. The truth is that it’s about the people buying and selling them. Perhaps they’re embarking on new beginnings, growing a family, broadening their investment portfolio, or wanting to live more sustainably. Success begins with understanding the “why” that motivates our buyers and sellers as much as knowing “what” it is they desire. When we understand the why, we can apply our expertise to chart an exciting and fulfilling journey—one that will lead to a rewarding destination for your finances, your life, and your wellbeing.

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