05 Dec Essential things to look at when viewing a home.

Few homes in the Boulder/Denver homes for sale market are perfect despite how they appear in the glossy listing photos. Our local home buying experts have identified 12 essential things to look when viewing a home to avoid any surprises down the line.

  1. Is there rust on the HVAC or large appliances?
    • Check the furnace, AC and water heater for rust, it could an indicator of poor maintenance. Tip: Ask the agent for service notes on all large appliances, they should have nearly maintenance.
  2. Is the house messy or dirty?
    • Messiness tends to show the level of owner care over the years. Tip: Check behind couches and under beds to see if the owners are trying to hide any additional neglect.
  3. Are there a few homes on the street for sale?
    • Could be a location or economic issue. Tip: Drive through the area on different days and times to get a feel for the area.
  4. Are the shingles well maintained?
    • A poorly maintained roof can be bad news down the road. Tip: Check the attic for signs of leaks, could be an indicator of the home needing a new roof.
  5. Is the temperature the same in every room?
    • If not, this could be a a sign the furnace is not distributing heat evenly. Tip: Run the furnace and listen for rattling or popping sounds.
  6. Are there hollow-core doors?
    • If sellers are not using the highest-grade materials, you may need to replace them all later. Tip: Knock on the doors and listen for distinct hollow sounds.
  7. Does the electrical panel need an upgrade?
    • It can be difficult to identify problems in older electrical systems that can result in fire/electrocution. Tip: Check if the lights dim when other appliances are turned on.
  8. Are the door frames titled?
    • If the frames are titled, it could be a sign of foundation issues. Tip: Download a level app on your phone and test the frames.
  9. Is there soft wood around the window sill?
    • Soft wood or cracked paint can indicate rot. Tip: Bring a moisture meter with you and test the sills.
  10. Are there musty odors?
    • Earthy or musty smells could be mold. Tip: Check for damp interior walls and window frames, it could be leaky pipes or badly fitted windows.
  11. Has there been a leak around the toilet?
    • A base leak is a common issue but could cause serious problems down the line. Tip: Check the floor around the base to see if it is soft and give the bowl a shake, it should not move at all.
  12. Is there water in the basement?
    • Check for water around base walls, it could be ground water or a foundation crack. Tip: Get an engineer’s opinion to examine the issue.
Austin Ellis