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Increase Your Energy Efficiency in 4 Easy Steps

25 Aug Increase Your Energy Efficiency in 4 Easy Steps

Energy efficiency and saving money is attractive to every Colorado homeowner, but most aren’t sure how to start getting the most for their money. Consider the following tips when making changes in your home.

#1 – Insulation

Upgrading or increasing the insulation in the walls and ceilings of your home will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The energy bills of poorly-insulated homes are often much higher than their well-insulated counterparts, and on average, a homeowner can save over 200 dollars per year by ensuring that their home is prepared for all seasons.

Under-insulated homes in the Denver & Boulder, CO area are not uncommon, and checking the status of your home this fall will prepare you for winter! The one-time cost of upgrading your insulation can also result in higher property value, so take the opportunity to put more money in your pocket!

#2 – Doorways

Stop drafty, exterior doorways with some cheap, stick-on foam. Minimizing the airflow in and out of your home can significantly reduce your energy costs. Check also those interior those leading to attics, basements, or other unfinished spaces in your home.

#3 – Windows

In addition to adding to the interior aesthetic of your home, covering windows with thick curtains can reduce the amount of heat traveling through thin window panes.

#4 – Appliances

Changing fixtures in your home might seem like a pain, but efficient showerheads, toilets, and others appliances could result in a savings of over $250 a year in water usage around your home.

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your Colorado home, the savings alone is worth making the change to more efficient appliances. Many of them will pay for themselves within the first year!

Austin Ellis