The Living West Fund

As Live West Local Guides, we are dedicated to Living West which means being the best neighbors we can, by being a better company for a better community. The success of our business is rooted in our commitment to support our local Colorado communities in every way we can.

Giving Back

I love working at Live West Realty where giving back to the local community is a priority. It’s a joy seeing the appreciation on my clients’ faces when they hear that part of my commission is going to a charitable organization of their choice.

More About Our Fund

Your REALTOR® can elect to donate a portion of their commission on their client’s behalf to one of 4 charitable organizations. This year, our clients can elect for donations to go to either the Boulder County Wildfire Fund, Community Food Share, Voices for Children, The Rocky Mountain Conservancy.
In addition to our REALTORS® donation, Live West will also be donating to these 4 charities throughout the year.

Jeff Hebeler

Live West Local Guide

As we’re completing a transaction, my Sellers and Buyers are always happy to receive a message from Live West Realty with information about the Living West Fund. Regardless of where their passions lie, my clients can choose from four uniquely devoted charities. It’s a great way to close a transaction, knowing that others around our community will benefit on behalf of the people we work with.