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23 Oct The Big Questions to Ask Before Starting Any Home Remodel!

Thinking of remodeling your home? A home remodel can be a great way to upgrade your home so that it includes all the features that you have been dreaming of; it is also a major project that should not be undertaken on a whim. Before...

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18 Oct Is It Time to Upgrade to a Smart Home?

Technology is making leaps and bounds daily! Nothing has made home improvement and ownership easier than some of the advances in technology over the past decade. Things like thermostats that adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world to light bulbs that can be switched on/off...

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02 Oct October 2017 Mortgage Update.

Current Mortgage Rates 10-2-2017 Mortgage Type National Local APR%  15 yr fixed mtg             1 3.375% 3.25% 3.279%  30 yr fixed jumbo mtg  2 4.125% 4.125% 4.163%  30 yr fixed mtg                 3 4.0% 3.875% 3.963%  7/1 ARM                      4 3.75% 3.625% 4.237%  7/1 jumbo ARM           5 3.5% 3.75%      4.243% FHA 30 yr fixed mtg     6 4.625% 3.50% 4.776% Rates obtained 10-2-2017 Conventional examples based on a $300,000 purchase with 20% down payment, 760 credit. Jumbo...

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