27 Mar Urban Beekeeping and Raising Chickens in Colorado.

In recent years there has been a big uptrend in beekeeping and raising poultry and farm animals in suburban and urban homes and the Boulder/Denver area is no different! Raising chickens, for example, has become one of the most popular ways to supply your home with eggs and the kids get a cute chick to watch grow up! Beekeeping on the other had provides much needed pollination for your own garden and your entire neighborhood. Honeybees are in serious decline around the US and urban beekeeping has been credited with helping the population start to rebound. While these hobbies sound like a lot of fun and have a huge reward, you need to make sure that your city ordinances allow you to have these types of animals on your property. The Colorado Poultry Association has compiled an extensive list that you can reference by clicking here but also make sure to check with your city zoning commission and HOA before purchasing all the necessary equipment and animals!

You can find information on beekeeping here!


Austin Ellis